Sunday, June 14, 2009

Rajdoot GTS - Restoration fever

Yaaaahhooooo! What else can make me so much happy. I have collected almost all the major missing items that are required for my Rajdoot GTS restoration. As I have been very aggressively searching for the parts that I have posted in my last blog, now my recent bangalore trip has presented me all most all the parts.

Most of the were replicated by Mr.Gopi who is also a vivid Rajdoot GTS fan.
He got me a set of replicated tank monogram. This monogram is almost looks close to the original.
His help in fabricating the stepney mount cannot be ignored, such an impressive stepney mount. In an attempt to pickup the replica, I swear I couldn't so much of detailed replication. The weight, thinkcness and bends all were done properly.
The the silencer cover, I was told by few that the silencer cover that I have in my GTS is not the orignal one. However most of the internet pictures of Rajdoot GTS revealed the other type GTS silencer cover. But an article in Hindu and My GTS were matched with similar silencer cover. Also I found the same silencer cover picture in the 1973 Rajdoot GTS original parts catalog hence I don't have any doubt that what I have in my bike is original silencer cover. Infact I saw two more GTS bikes in banalgore (Hot Rod and under restoration) that were also had the silencer cover like mine.
Then why did I opt for the latest model cover? It is just for the reason that the top rear portion of the latest model silencer cover got a nice insulation for heat so that it won't hurt the rear passenger's ties are (Most probably my Kids). So I got the rear (used) and front (replica) silencer cover for my Rajdoot GTS.I spotted a red Rajdoot GTS tank that was recently painted, hmmm it was a great reference to me for restoring my GTS tank.Now only parts that are left on my radar for restoration kick of is the below items:

The tail lamp (Originally made by Hella)

The tank lid


  1. Hi,
    Mr. Shivkumar this is Nishanth. It is good to here that you got most of your spares.

    For your Tail lamp what you can do is you can go any of your Lucas stores ( Lucas lights like the one in Bangalore JC road ) and ask for a replica. Similar tail lamps come for some vehicle, You should be able to get it.

    There are two type the one similar to the original and the other one has transparent glass instead of red colored glass at the bottom.

    I got the 2nd one for my bike and got it painted. If you get the original replica well and good, If not buy the 2nd one and get it painted by use less thinner in it or else the thinner will melt the glass.

    Well I have two GTS for myself, One is almost completely restored a year ago and other one is till resting in peach.

    I too need a whole lot of thing, like iam missing a
    1) center stand
    2) Stepney bracket
    3} Tank rubbers and monograms.

  2. except the first one, I think stepney bracket, tank rubbers and monograms are showing positive side on procurement. I will update you as soon as I get some information from the same person who supplied for my bobby restoration.

  3. Dear Sivakumar, I found this blog while going through our Team-Bhp and some googling. Congratulations on your possession and restoration!! I am not in India presently, but hope to meet you sometime in Chennai with your great possessions.. Regards Damodaran

  4. sanjeev from sangrur i want to purchage your bike

  5. hi, COngratulations on a big mile stone achieved, I really admire the patience with which you have completed and not only completing it buy updating everyone so religiously, I too own a bobby and would like some advice from you about thye same would really appriciate if you could call me on 09821612152 or mail me on and kleave your no and I would call you back.

    P>S>: Mr. Nishanth aka Lalu, I know someone here in bombay who has the stephney bracket and the centre stand if int kindly mail me will send you his details. reg the monos and tank rubbers the hunt is on for mine too so will let you know asap.

    Thanking you Kind regards. Rahul Amar

  6. Hi Sivakumar,
    I have been reading your posts on your Blog & Team BHP regularly. You have done a great thing by talking about your experiences while you are refurbishing your Bobby.

    I too am a proud owner of a Bobby now & am going to go through the same or similar problems that you have faced also.

    I must say that this bike is different from the rest, The thrill it gives is just beyond what words can express.

    I need to get a stepney stand, tank rubbers, headlight for my bike. Can you please give me Mr Gopi's phone number & address so that I can send someone to his shop (i live in delhi but cousin works in Bangalore)?

    I will be really grateful if you could help me - as i have been looking for these parts for a long time now.

    Thank you

    Kind regards

    G Bhushan

  7. its really to have such site specially for boby gts owners evn am one among tm ....

    1. frnds am in need of ceat frame nd evn muffler inside exhaust nd small air filter suggest me wr i cn get ts parts as early as i cn .....