Thursday, March 12, 2009

Head reached - Rajdoot GTS

Since, I'm following a Rajdoot GTS deal and know the condition of the bike, I started the collection of parts that are missing in my future bike. The first thing that worried me is the head light dome and speedo.

Lucky I am, got it is so easily. Here is the Rajdoot GTS head light dome the HEAD. (Good sign as heading towards the restoration project)

Though this headlight dome is not parted from a Rajdoot GTS, it is actually from GTS brother Rajdoot 175CC bike's headlight dome. Both the bikes share the same engine and some body components.

Saturday, March 7, 2009

This page is dedicated to all the Rajdoot GTS bike lovers.

on my child hood days(I was 7year old by then) I always admired a bike thinking that it was made for kids like me. It was small and cute. There used to a bike parked outside a house on the way to my school. I used to walk to my School during my entire school days, Hence almost everyday I stare at the bike which took my attraction. It was none other than the Rajdoot GTS.

It was a strong image registered in my mind, I still remember that bike had a golden brown color. Now I'm running 30 years and only today I got a chance to sit on the small bike. Only in the recent past after I complete my RD350 and Jeep restoration, I decided to own a Rajdoot GTS.

Since then I came to know how difficult to source the small bike. There is a huge demand for this bike which is the first obstacle to my dream. Secondly even if someone has either they quote high price or papers are not current.

Most of the bikes are not complete, so my decision to pickup one crying for restoration and do it myself.

I visited so many places looking for a Rajdoot GTS. Found some but they were not on sale. Noted the bikes for reference as I may required during my restoration project.

The Pondicherry Rajdoot GTS, though they were on crying condition but the owners doesn't wanted to sell.

Chennai Rajdoot GTS came with sale board but higher on the price and poor on the condition

Some from my home town, hmmmm still not heard the whereabouts. I only keep hearing that there is one.. I hope it was the same bike I saw during my school days.

Finally came across one on the internet, though the bike is not in working condition, I heard it is full and with few missing parts. Current I own no picture but sure to upload the picture as and when I receive them.

What I have decided today is to start collecting the parts for my future Rajdoot GTS restoration project. Here is the picture of my single day purchase.
I'm looking for the headlight dome, Tank rubber, Tank's Rajdoot monogram and a Tail light as essentials at this point.