Monday, June 22, 2009

Rajdoot GTS - Body parts collection officially completed

With this post, I'm announcing the completion of collecting all the body parts for my Rajdoot GTS. As I mentioned earlier, the only rare parts were left out was the tail light and tank lid. To my surprise today I have both of them with me, though they are not original but replicas. The tail light is same as suggested by one of my reader in the previous post (look at the comments). I have not really done that excercise too, it was done by Mr.Gopi who already gave a huge sum parts.

Actually, I also got one more pair of the Jeep light which came with the holder plate. It also surprised me as the holding plate and partition for both the colors were exact replica for Rajdoot GTS.
I have got the replica tank lid too, which is almost close to the original expect the edges of the lid top. Anyway I'm happy to reach to this level in my parts collection.
Finally my tank rubber pads are also received at my hands, after big struggle of time and waiting period this item has been received.
The tank shield and another old tank has also been given to me by great coimbatore restorer Mr.Muthukumar.
I have 2 options on my tank now, either get my original tank repaired for fixing the tank sheilds or get the old tank received recently to make my bobby's tank. I forgot to mention about the handle bar, the current one on my bike is some what cruiser type and I will be replacing it with the TVS 50 XL handle bar.
If you look at my old post, I mentioned of receiving a Rajdoot diamond chain sproket kit. Later I understood that the sproket received is for another old Rajdoot model not for Rajdoot GTS. Hence a quick look around has provided me with the original sproket for the GTS.
All set now and the silencer bend pipe and side shield "Rajdoot GTS" monogram plate both are getting ready in their respective production centers. I also got the original like handle bar yoke set for the Rajdoot GTS which was never been added to my radar and got it as a surprise.
Since the parts collection for GTS only items were completed, I need to strip the bike and get any tinkering done and push the bike for painting. Along side there are couple of chrome plated parts such as mudguard and painted stuffs like silencer guard needs little tinker work. I also got my hands on the stepney wheel (got it from a API Lambretta scooter) and the rims are straight fit into Bobby's profile.
Anyway I'm pretty sure, restoration of my Rajdoot GTS engine may not be as difficult as collecting the body parts as the GTS shares many compontens on the engine with Rajdoot Runabout, Rajdoot 175D, Rajdoot ExcelT and Rajdoot old model bikes.

All of the above will be rolled out in a phased manner and I expect my Rajdoot GTS to touch the roads by end of August. I know it doesn't require so much time for restoration as I have got all the parts but I'm only delaying the process to make my pocket friendly budget along side the project plan.

Sunday, June 14, 2009

Rajdoot GTS - Restoration fever

Yaaaahhooooo! What else can make me so much happy. I have collected almost all the major missing items that are required for my Rajdoot GTS restoration. As I have been very aggressively searching for the parts that I have posted in my last blog, now my recent bangalore trip has presented me all most all the parts.

Most of the were replicated by Mr.Gopi who is also a vivid Rajdoot GTS fan.
He got me a set of replicated tank monogram. This monogram is almost looks close to the original.
His help in fabricating the stepney mount cannot be ignored, such an impressive stepney mount. In an attempt to pickup the replica, I swear I couldn't so much of detailed replication. The weight, thinkcness and bends all were done properly.
The the silencer cover, I was told by few that the silencer cover that I have in my GTS is not the orignal one. However most of the internet pictures of Rajdoot GTS revealed the other type GTS silencer cover. But an article in Hindu and My GTS were matched with similar silencer cover. Also I found the same silencer cover picture in the 1973 Rajdoot GTS original parts catalog hence I don't have any doubt that what I have in my bike is original silencer cover. Infact I saw two more GTS bikes in banalgore (Hot Rod and under restoration) that were also had the silencer cover like mine.
Then why did I opt for the latest model cover? It is just for the reason that the top rear portion of the latest model silencer cover got a nice insulation for heat so that it won't hurt the rear passenger's ties are (Most probably my Kids). So I got the rear (used) and front (replica) silencer cover for my Rajdoot GTS.I spotted a red Rajdoot GTS tank that was recently painted, hmmm it was a great reference to me for restoring my GTS tank.Now only parts that are left on my radar for restoration kick of is the below items:

The tail lamp (Originally made by Hella)

The tank lid

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Rajdoot GTS - User manual and Service book

Got the User Manual and Service book for Rajdoot GTS along with a break shoes. Here are the pictures of the items collected. Tell me which restorer not happy getting such materials, so I am.

As I'm discussing about the GTS related books, here is the parts catalog that I have collected from my recent bangalore visit:

Monday, June 8, 2009

Rajdoot GTS parts required

Friends I need few parts that are listed here badly for my Rajdoot GTS restoration project. I have been offered few of the parts by some good people around. However I'm still lack of parts that are required.

1. Tank Shield (the metal plate on the tank)- 2 nos
2. Tank monogram (the round shaped rajdoot logo) - 2 nos
3. Tank cap or Tank lid - 1 no.
4. Silencer shield - 1 set (2 pieces)
5. Stepney or spare wheel mount bracket - 1 no.
6. Tank Rubber or Tank pad - 2 nos.
7. Tail light - 1 no.
9. Side shield monogram

Sunday, June 7, 2009

Reversing the clock to run from childhood days is not possible but getting the childhood days dream to reality, yeah thats what happen to my last weekend. I finally got my GTS on to my hand.
It been a week since I spotted my Rajdoot GTS bike, ever since I was in constant touch with the person who sold it to me for making sure that the bike has not been offered to anyone. Last friday my trip to my home town is only with the final dream of owning the GTS. Saturday morning I have caught a bus that was going from my hometown to Vellor (thats where I got my Bobby). I reached the place just in the forenoon, even before buying the bike the ex-owner told me that the bike's carburator is Pacco one the same is been used in Yezdi motorcyles. He told me that the ideling screw in teh carburator was gone missing and he couldn't source one too. Along with that he also told me there is not key even thought the ignition assy is present on the headlight dome.You know what, I had spare keys and idling screws on my bag when I landed at the venue. The ex-owner was stunned to see the tiny items when i pulled it out from the pant pocket. In about few minutes we have fixed the screw and instered the key. The fuel tank was empty but some one poured water in it. So I had to clean before fueling the bike.

I pushed the bike to petrol pump and loaded four liters of petrol with 100ml 2T oil. While trying to close the tank lid, it got broken into two piece, there you go the first age showing factor happened. I happily got the bike started just with the temporary lid from the broken pieces. There you go I had to under go second issue now within a kilometer after fueling the bike. The rear trye's tube valve got burst.

Phew, I was left with the Bobby bike on the pavement of the road.

Oh boy, I called the mechanic to get the tube fixed, After removing the rear wheel he took me to a automobile shop.
We went to a automobile shop to buy a tube and I got the fuel tank like and few tool that are necessary. I didn't forget to take a spare spark plug.We got the tyre fixed with a new tube, though we were required to visit a tyre work shop for the same, but it was quick action.

Wow we could fix the fuel tank lid while my mehcanic refixed the wheel. To my bad luck the bike was flooding a lot, we got the carburetor opened and found lots of water in it which would have been flown from the unused tank. This time the bike failed to start even after couple of kicks The mechanic opened the spark plug and found it has been already worn out, hurray my new spark plug immediately came into action. That was the last thing I did for the bike then I drove it to my hometown which was around 100kms from Vellor. On the way back to home collected a brand new chain for GTS.

I must say, no other bike in the country would have gained such an attention like GTS. WoW in a moment I became the hero in Bobby movie, though there is no short skirt, fine legs dimple on my rear seat I did see the bike taking eyes of approaching people.

I was driving though the country side roads and each and every one, some places I did noticed some people lost their concentration on their activities and started looking at the bike. Kinds pointed fingers, Yelders remembered Dimple I guess, Youth was envying me, Girls were laughing, Some were simling, Mechanics enroutes wanted to stop and ask me more about the find and in fact a forigner wanted to take picture of my bike too.

I never tought GTS would have receive such a reception on the road, almost after 2 decades the people in my home town witnessed this bike. I'm sure the youth would have not seen this bike in their lifetime and started asking me if I did modify some other bike to look like this small. I remember another guy asking me if I modify a bike to teach my kids how to ride motocycle.

It was a great experience and I completely enjoyed my 1st Rajdoot GTS driving experience.When reached home My kids felt the same as me in my childhood, they said to me that this is their bike.

Monday, June 1, 2009

Finding Rajdoot GTS

I've got a call from my friend, who is a mechanic by profession well known about my search for a Rajdoot GTS. He was very well aware of my 1000 odd kms of road search for the Rajdoot GTS. Yes, I traveled more than 1000 kms just to find my Rajdoot GTS without any luck.

Those who got a GTS either don't wanted to sell or no legal papers availed. The pending tax and insurace is next story but registration papers are not available for many of the living small boys.

My friend's call was about a availability of GTS, he asked me to drive 350kms from chennai just to inspect the bobby bike. I have no 2nd thought but there was a quarrel at the family knowning my travel plan for GTS. Who cares, after all it is my dream! I live for it.

My day long travel in the boiling summer on my jeep finally turned out to be lucky to me showing the GTS of my dream. Though the bike had few alterations including tank that got fully melted or lost impression of GTS and the stepney. Otherwise most of them were looking ok. Oh yeah carburattor was gone missing but I had no worry. That instant I myself said I'm an owner of Rajdoot GTS.

I'm presenting my future GTS in here:
Finding GTS is over, but the misisng parts ? A call away I found few things including a OE Carburattor from Mickarb, Escorts mudflaps and rectifier.
I hope the readers remember my previous post about my parts collection for GTS, so I have no much pain at this point as many as required parts are already with me in my stock.

Except the following items, and I would request my blog visitors to ping me as soon as knowning about the following parts:

  • Tank shield
  • Tank Monogram
  • Tank Lid
  • Tank pads
  • Side Shield Monogram
  • Tail light
I would appreciate a lot if someone can get me a full tank with complete fittings itself.