Tuesday, January 12, 2010

I got my bobby restoration finally reaching the completion stage. The major things that have been done is to fabricate the tank's mouth. I got this precious gift (GTS Tank) from my friend from Coimbatore.The tank cap(after market) was procured from Bangalore and the nickle plating and painting (bobby red from 2K) were all completed. In fact my GTS is now re-bored to 1st over size. The engine work is completed and all the other mechanical are being assembled together. I'm planning to take delivery of my restored GTS on the Tamil Pongal day.
Though I have pending work of the pend pipe not fabricated (my original bend pipe is cut and welded like a box, the one I have fabricated are shrinking while turning the pipe into U shape, now the fabricators are asking me to produce the bike to get the bend pipe work done. hence waiting for the delivery date). After my bike's delivery I will work on the bend pipe fabrication and nickle plating to complete the vehicle into the stock level.